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koK'n.fizZ V6 License single user V6.1

koK'n.fizZ V6 License single user V6.1

koK'n.fizZ V6 License single user Publisher's Description

See: With koK'n.fizZ V6, unleash your creative skills. With ease you can give Name to Products, Brands, Businesses, Services and Domains. KF6 will boost your Creativity. KF6 includes all the tools needed to efficiently handle a name brainstorming session. KF6 includes in an easy to use environment: .A Brand Name Session Project Manager .A Corpus Manager .A word Bank Manager .The LexigraF generator, with word dictionaries in 10 languages .The Text2Corpus Analyzer .A Brand Name Creation Report Writer .A sample DEMO project with sample Corpuses The latest programming technologies give you total effectivity with a full object oriented and full multitask user interface. An easy and efficient environment makes your Creation effort like a pleasant game. No more tedious compiling tasks, expensive brainstorming meetings. Create and research names quickly and easily! Each year, Patent and Trademark Offices worldwide processed hundred thousand applications for new product names. It's becoming a chalenge to find a free and Name. koK'n.fizZ V6 can generate milliards of name ideas, from short words to sentenses up to 100 characters. From the start of the Brand Naming session, find out the best Brand Names that mach closely your expectation or your custumer needs. The koK'n.fizZ V6 creation engine is not only a mathematical or algorithmic tools. It's a kind of artificial intelligence inference engine which is able to learn what you mean. The power of this technology leave algorithmic schemes obsolete, because learning inferences will give an infinite number of algorithmic solutions. These solutions will be infered from your input corpuses that you will generate easily from your documents and Corpuses. All this hardwork will be invisible for you, so don't be affraid of the underlying technology! Now, you can do what everybody like to do, give your own judgement looking through the ideas produced by koK'n.fizZ. koK'n.fizZ makes name creation the fast, fun and easy way. To reduce the risk of generating trademark infringement, the natural abitility of koK'n.fizZ V6 to generate neologisms will ensure the best results. Unlike other useless naming software, NO random letter sequences are generated. This will insure minimum 'garbage' words generation. The power of the koK'n.fizZ V6 system is such that by starting with only one word you can process thousand ideas. By selecting what you put in the Corpuses, you can fully control what you get. koK'n.fizZ V6 will help you name any product, brand, business or service. koK'n.fizZ V6 is the ONLY software the will generate names in your language. You can even create your own language! koK'n.fizZ V6 includes words dictionary in 10 languages. koK'n.fizZ V6 includes a Text2Corpus Analyzer to make your hard compilation works easy. koK'n.fizZ V6 will keep you away of being "out of ideas". koK'n.fizZ V6 will help you generate new names quickly and easily. koK'n.fizZ V6 will allow you to drive your research and provide you with thousands of name ideas quickly and easily. koK'n.fizZ V6 will allow you to visualize, print out or save your name lists for an effective stand alone brainstorming or in a creative group sessions. koK'n.fizZ V6 will organize your work by project, and efficiently manage your creation reports. What platforms will koK'n.fizZ V6 run on? koK'n.fizZ V6 requires a PC running Windows 98/Me/2000/XP or Windows NT with a 486/33SX processor or higher and a minimum 64 MB RAM. 25 MB hard disk space required for complete installation.

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